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ACAEE - 2018

Synthesis, characterisation and antimicrobial activity of schiff base of 7-hydroxy-3-methyl-2-quinolone
Alka Pradhan, Sanjay Kumar Vishwakarma

Kinetic cerimetric estimation of aldoses
Anand G Fadnis

Day to day variability of NmF2 during 23rd and 24th high solar activity period at low latitude station
Anita Agrawal, Kalpana Maski, S. K. Vijay, S. D. Mishra

Cellulases for biofuel: A review
Ashiq Magrey, Sanjay Sahay, Ragini Gothalwal

Phytochemical analysis and in vitro antioxidant activity of rubia cardifolia
Bashir Ahmad Bhat, Feroz Ahmad Shergojri, Madhavi Gaur, Qaiser Jehan Shammi

Effect of solvent on acoustic parameters of extract of brayophyllum leaf
A. B. Dhote, G. R. Bedare, S. B. Rewatkar

Antioxidant potential of gallic acid against cisplatin induced oxidative damage in liver tissue
Feroz Ahmad Shergojri, Bashir Ahmad Bhat, Madhavi Gaur, Qaiser Jehaan Shammi

Estimation of fertility measures of central Kashmir
Gowher Ahmad Wani, Sushma Jain, Peer Javaid Ahmad

Phytochemical analysis of Azadirachta indica leaves
Harsha Premchandani

Virtual lab: A powerful learning tool in science
Rashmi Singhai

Preparation of zero valent iron nanoparticles by using different salts of iron
Hemeshvari Dadhore, Charanjit Kaur, Sarita Shrivastava, Ranjeeta Choudhary

A novel concept for treatment of the domestic sewage: Sequential batch biofilm reactor
Hiral Jariwala, Dimpi Shah

Estimation of infant mortality in budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir by curve fitting analysis
Peer Javaid Ahmad, Sushma Jain, Gowher Ahmad Wani, Syed Basharat Ahmad Shah

Therapeutic use of music: Recent trends in medical science
Mamta Rani Thakur

A comparative account on total flavonoid contents in green grapes vs. black grapes (vitis vinifera l.)
Meenal Sharma, Ritu Thakur Bais

A study for use of slow release fertilizer as a source on the nutrient use efficiency on wheat crop
Minakshee Sawankar, Neelam Chopra, Anjali Acharya

Oxidative transformations of aliphatic alcohols using Ce(iv) - Kinetic and mechanistic study
Mamta Baser, B. K. Dangarh, Y. K. Mishra

Study of fish fauna of Bundelkhand region with special reference to Damoh district
Mukesh Kumar Napit

Thermodynamic studies of MnCl2 salt in aqueous medium by conductivity method
R. R. Tayade, A. A. Sukhadeve, S. B. Rathod, S. P. Bahekar

Chemical components and therapeutical importance of some medicinal plants
R. K. Choudhary, C. K. Choudharya

Treatment adherence among tuberculosis patients by using the theory of planned behaviour
Razi Faraz Khan

Bioproduction of lactic acid by lactic acid bacteria exposed to phenobarbital sodium salt
Reena Kumari

Status of water quality and strategies for conservation of pushkarni reservoir, ambad
D. D. Bhutekar, S. B. Aher, M. G. Babare

Quantitative analysis of phenols, flavonoids and antioxidant activity in aegle marmelos and chrysanthemum morifolium from temple waste
Shilpi Shrivastava, Sarita Shrivastava

Environmental pollution in the name of religion: a critique
Yash Tiwari

Comparative study of macrozoobenthic invertebrates of upper lake and Shahpura lake (district Bhopal, M.P.), in relation to its water quality
M Aniece Wani, Manju Bhadwalh, Dixit Mukesh

A comparative study in gender disparity Madhya Pradesh
Anita Bhadoria

Assessment of nutritional status of school going children
Anita Yadav

Synthesis, spectral characterization and biological evaluation of metal complex of N-(thiophen-2-ylmethylene)benzo[d]thiazol-2-amine
Archana Singh, Suman Malik, Amar Sohail Mirza

Application of micronutrients and farmyardmanure for enhancement in rice (oryza sativa l.) panicle weight
Bhawna Sharma

Schiff bases and their medical importance
Suman Malik, Bilal Ahmad Dar, Archana Singh

Effect of copper on gonads and thyroid of clarius batrachus
Manjula Saini

Judicial activism and environmental jurisprudence in India
Deevanshu Shrivastava

Management of T2DM with phytochemicals
Anita Shinde

Role of sex hormones in female migraineurs
Kanchan Mansukhani, Ruchi Dubey Sharma

Some social issues in relation to the environment and public awareness
Madhu Laxmi Sharma

Biomonitoring as a tool for assessing the water quality of river halali during monsoon season Madhya Pradesh (India)
Manju Bhadwal, M. Aniece Wani, Mukesh Dixit

TTE properties of natural huge rarity Manilkara huxendra(Roxb.) used by tribes of Jhabua district (M.P.) India: A review
Manoj Kumar Sisodiya

A study on effect of ultrasonic therapy in combination with anti-rheumatic drug (sulfasalazine) on human joints with rheumatoid arthritis
Minali Saikia

Comparative analysis of physico-chemical parameters and enzymatic activity of soil before sowing and after harvesting of wheat and soybean treated with different fertilizers
Muzafer Ahmad Sheikh, Pinky Dwivedi

Metallization band structure and high pressure in zinc sulphide
Nikita Persai, Ritu Dubey

Upconversion and quantum cutting emission in Y2O3 co-doped Ho3+ and Yb3+ oxide phosphor synthesized by solution route: A comparative study
Prachi Tadge, Sudeshna Ray

Wethania cogulance - A miracle for diabetes
Pratibha Gupta, Pratibha Singh

Isolation and identification of keratinophilic fungi from soil of college campus, Bhopal
Shraddha Tamrakar, Renu Mishra, Namita Choksey

Effective protection of the environment
Ratna Roy (Pathak)

Software assisted chemical sensor for arsenic detection and removal from sludge
Ruchi Dubey Sharma, Sulbha Amlathe

Conservation of endangered medicinal plant costus speciosus by tissue culture technique
Savita Mohindra, Malika Pal

Status of serum AMH and lipid profile in polycystic ovarian syndrome
Shakti Suslade, Sangitapaneri, AngurbalaBafna, J. Shreedhar

Complication behaviour of Schiff base derived from o-phenylenediamine and 5-bromosalicyaldehyde with some transition metals
Archana Singh, Suman Malik, Sheeraz Ahmad Teli

An eco-friendly technique of phytoremediation
Shimayl Ali, Madhulika Singh

Synthesis and characterization of some transition metal complexes of Schiff base derived from o-mercaptoaniline and 2-formylthiophene
Suman Malik, Bharti Jain, Bharti Nema

Valuable utilization of farming waste: Short review
Vandana Parihar, Vandana Rathore

A fixed point theorem in hilbert space for random operators
Jyoti Nema

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of phytochemicals of barleriaprionitis
Shanta Belani, Charanjit Kaur

Quantitative evaluation of antibacterial activity of 4-thiozolidones
Anita K., S. Sharma, B. Shaik, V. K. Agrawal

Influence of pyrolysis temperature on physico- chemical characteristics of biochar for agricultural use
Anita Singh, Rashmi Singhai, A. K. Biswas, A. K. Dubey

The rights of tribal people viz a viz the protection of environment
Apoorva Dixit

Counseling for distress tolerance, interpersonal relationship and mindfulness among nursing students: a pilot project
Blessy Antony, Usha Ukande, M. K. Acharya, Pawan Goyal

Conventional silicate scaling structure for gate dielectric material
Charu Dubey, Madhuri Shridhar

Sem studies of adhatoda vasica: an endangered traditional medicinal plant of multifarious uses
Jaswinder Mehta, Amarjeet Bajaj

Spectrophotometric method development and validation for estimation of rutin in some herbal formulation
Mittal Thakkar, Sangita Sharma

Biosorption of chromium by fungal strains isolated from polluted soil
Shobha Shrivastava, Mayuri Gupta

Laws for the civilised in safe guarding the wild
Shalbha Singh, Neha Goswami

Enhancement in growth and alkaloid content in trigonella foenumgraecum by non-rhizobial root nodule endophytes
Nidhi Gujar, Shipra Singh, Anil Prakash

Optimization and purification of lipase production by aeromonas hydrophila
Nidhi Tripathi, Anjali Choudhary, Rohit Rawat

A comparative study of environmental awareness and eco friendly behaviour among the Science and non science (commerce and arts) under graduate students of Bhopal district
Pallavi Shrivastava

21st century biology establishes that life is beyond chemicals
Bhakti Niskama Shanta

Antifungal activity of pseudomonas aeruginosa against various plant pathogenic fungi
P. Chandurkar

Judicial creativity: a godsend to create environment
Prerna Singh Rajpoot

Application of a sensing device on paper to detect presence of loperamide in human saliva
Ruchi Dubey Sharma, Ankita Zarbade, Suparna Ghosh, Shweta Sharma, Anita K.

Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of some novel quinoxaline derivatives
Y. K. Meshram, Ku. Rupali M. Mahalle, Ku, Jyoti M. Laghe

Two-parameter equations of state for the NaCl crystal
Shivani Parsai

Prediction of antitumor activity of some 1, 5-N, N’–disubstituted-2- (substituted benzenesulphonyl)-glutamamides as antitumor agents using QSAR approach
Gourav Chouhan, Yash Shukla, Suparna Ghosh, K. Anita, Ruchi Dubey Sharma, Shweta Sharma

Ethics in environment: A grave human concern
Sonam Jain Bajpai, Gayatri Rajput

Interaction of schiff base derived from 4-chloro-5-sulfamoyl-2’,6’-salicyloxylidide with Cu(II) and Mn(II)
Suparna Ghosh, Shweta Sharma, Ruchi Dubey Sharma, Anita K.

Isolation of oil degrading bacteria isolated from the contaminated sites of Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
Tanuja Murab

Importance of plants in alternative medicine: A review
Preeti Kulshrestha

Evaluation of physio chemical properties in different water hyacinth composts
Arti Mathur, Sanjeev Kumar Mathur, Rakesh Mehta, A. B. Singh, A. Subba Rao

Phytoremediation technology – eco friendly approach to remove heavy metals from contaminated soil
Pushpa M. Rawtani

The role of bhallataka (Semecarpus anacardium) in the management of rheumatoid arthritis for clinical studySandip Patel, Dipa Raval

Synthesis and characterization of zno nanoparticles and their application in synthesis of substituted quinoline
Meena Wadhwani, Shubha Jain

Study of biodegradation of methyl parathion in pesticide contaminated agricultural soil using bacterial species
Jyoti Kiran Bara, Khyati Shrivastava, Rupa Guha Nandi

Impact of demographic variable on educational opportunities of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya students
R. Pushpa Namdeo

An investigation of pollution status of Machna river water, Dist. Betul Madhya Pradesh
D. S. Saluja, Mahendra Bhatnagar

Sewage disposal system of patna city: Bihar
Reena Kumari

Role of agro forestry in rural development in India
Praveen K. Thakre, Krutika Choudhary

Bioindicators of biodiversity
Neelu Quaiyumi

Antibacterial and antifungal activity of some new flavone glycoside
Alok Sahai, Deepika Tiwari

Environment laws and legislation regulating chemical toxicity sob-topic- an overview on labour laws made to reduce toxicity in chemical areas
Pratibha Sondhiya, A. P. Singh

Analysis of water quality of Sarfa dam, Shahdol district, Madhya Pradesh, India
Surabhi Garde, Nivedita Agarwal, Neha Singh

Analysis of water quality of Sarfa dam, Shahdol district, Madhya Pradesh, India
Surabhi Garde, Nivedita Agarwal, Neha Singh

Bioethanol production from wheat straw using minimal acid use applying acid hydrolysis
Abdul Majid Khan, Sanjay Sahay, Ragini Gothalwal

Identification of SSR markers in genomic regions contributing seed yield and nutritional traits in lentil lens culinaris medicus

Reena Mehra, Rekha Khandia, Ashutosh Sarker, Muraleedhar Aski, Ashok Munjal

Anticancer property of anthracycline cf. curcumin
P M Chincholikar, S Amlathe

Society and environment
Jyoti Saxena

Synthesis, characterization and photo physical studies of metalloporphyrins

Aakanksha Yadav, Anita K

A review on antidiabetic plants
Alka Kulshreshtha

Photocatalytic degradation of methyl green dye using tio2 under visible light irradiation
David Swami, Brijesh Parea

Challenges of sustainable development in terms of water, ecosystem and society – a chemists’ vision
Pramod Pandit

Ultrasonic, viscometric and volumetric studies of some bioapplicable system with pyrazinamide (antitubercular drug)

Alok Sahai, Dinesh Mishra

Ultrasonic, viscometric and volumetric studies of some bioapplicable system with pyrazinamide (antitubercular drug)
Swati Nema

Formulation and Evaluation of Ondensetron HCL chewing gum by compression method
Aabid k.Pathan, Gayatri Panse, Ashwani Mishra

Bio-chemical analysis of water of shahpura lake of Bhopal MP
H C Kataria, Charanjeet Kaur

The flamboyant Delonix regia(Gulmohar) - A review
Pragya Dubey, Kiran Shandilya, Sadhana Goyal, Neena Arora

Phytochemical analysis for total phenolic content of the medicinal plant solanum nigrum l
Romana Rashid, Muzaffer Hussain Wani, Sangeeta Devi

Impact of flood on water chemistry of chatlam wetland reserve- pampore in Jammu and Kashmir state
Sajjad-ul- akbar wani, S Ishaque, K Ahmad, Jahangir M Reshi

Synthesis, Spectral and Antibacterial evaluation of Nickle (II) and Pt(II) metal complexes of chemotherapeutic importance
Supriya Das, Suman Malik, Bharti Jain

Compliance under international environment law: settlement of dispute and its enforcement
Srishti Mallick

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Awareness of government policies related to conservation environmental and waste management
F B Bux, Saroj Yadav

Characterization of thermal power plant coal combustion residues

Giriraj S. Mandloi et al.

Effect of UG coal mines on the soil quality of sohagpur area of Shahdol MP, India
Mamta Prajapati, Nahida Begum, Balram Prajapati

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