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Table of Content-Volume 4, Issue 1-2012


Hydrogeochemistry of Sukhana River subbasin of Aurangabad district, INDIA.

G.D. Mahajan

Subject: Geology

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Starch and Glucose Content and Changes therein in the Seeds of Schleichera oleosa(kusum) due to Bioterioration by Pathogenic Fungi during Storage.

AK Srivastava  and GK Pandey 

Subject: Botany


Determinants of Exclusive Breast Feeding in a Rural Community of Maharashtra.

Wadde Satish K., Yadav Vallabh B  

Subject: PSM, Medical Sciences


A Study of Microbial Flora and MRSA Harboured by Mobile Phones of Health Care Personnel

Nikhil N. Tambe, Chitra Pai

Subject: Microbiology, Medical Sciences


Legalising Medical Abortion...Where We Stand?

Deepa Kala, Rajesh B. Goel, Dipti Khedekar

Subject: Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Medical Sciences

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Green Waste As a Resource for Value Added Product Generation: A Review

Vivek P. Bhange, SPM. Prince William, A.N.Vaidya, A.R.Chokhandre

Subject: Environmental Sciences

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Study of Student’s Feedback on Present Teaching and Learning Patterns

Usha Patil, Surekha Vaidya, Smita Jore, Meena Parekh, M.S. Patwardhan

Subject: Physiology, Medical Sciences

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Radiological Analysis of Sella Turcica 

S. R. Chavan, M. A. Kathole, A. S. Katti, N. G. Herekar

Subject: Anatomy, Medical Sciences

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We welcome Research Articles for Issue 1, Volume 4 , 2012.

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