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Advertising Policy


IJRTSAT Journal Watch accepts advertising and sponsorship for its web site and related e-mail services (e-mail alerts) according to the following principles:

  • Advertising is separate from content. Advertisers and sponsors have no advance knowledge of our editorial content, nor do the editors have advance knowledge of advertisers. Content is never altered, added, or deleted to accommodate advertising. Advertisers and sponsors have no input regarding any of our editorial decisions or advertising policies. The advertising sales representatives have neither control over, nor prior knowledge of, specific editorial content before it is published.
  • IJRTSAT Journal Watch reserves the right to decline or cancel any advertisement at any time.
  • Advertising must be factual and in good taste in the judgment of the Statperson Publishing Corporation (SPC). Please note: Readers who click on an advertising banner or other advertising link may connect to a site different from IJRTSAT Journal Watch Journal Watch to view additional information. Such sites may also ask visitors for additional data. IJRTSAT Journal Watch does not participate in, nor control such sites.
  • Third-party advertisements on IJRTSAT Journal Watch or the e-mail alerts may not include any Massachusetts Medical Society or IJRTSAT Journal Watch publication name, logo, or title.
  • Users will be able to distinguish advertising and editorial content clearly on the web site and in e-mail alerts. Commercial advertising does not appear on the same screen as editorial content on the web site or in full-content e-mails.
  • IJRTSAT Journal Watch does not endorse any company, product, or service appearing in its advertising.
  • Advertisers and sponsors have no control or influence over the results of searches a user may conduct on IJRTSAT Journal Watch. Search results are based solely on the functionality available through our search software (e.g., keywords or natural language) and user-defined criteria (e.g., displaying most recent or most relevant items first).
  • Updates to our Internet advertising policy will be posted to this web site.


Types of Advertising


Generally acceptable for consideration

Pharmaceutical products; medical-equipment products and services; medical software; practice-management products and services (including office equipment and supplies, medical billing systems, medical software products) and medical web sites.

Generally acceptable for consideration with certain conditions


Calls for patients to participate in clinical trials, or clinical-trial matching services will be considered solely if the trial is conducted by a recognized academic institution. All types of advertising not described above will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.



Distribution of some IJRTSAT Journal Watch print and electronic issues is supported by sponsorship. Sponsorship and editorial content are clearly separated. A link to the Electronic Advertising Policy will appear with all sponsorship on the web site and in the e-mail alerts. Acknowledgment of support will not make any claims for any supporting company´s product(s). The final wording and position of the acknowledgments will be determined by IJRTSAT Journal Watch.


Users´ Personal Information

IJRTSAT Journal Watch does not release personally identifiable data on users of our web site or e-mail alerts to advertisers. See also the IJRTSAT Journal Watch privacy policy.

Advertisers on IJRTSAT Journal Watch may receive reports that provide aggregated data about the response to their advertisements. Such data may include:

  • The number of impressions (the number of times the advertisement has been viewed on the web site);
  • The number and/or percentage of impressions that accounted for a click-through to a different site (click-through rate);
  • The percentage of registered vs. nonregistered users who viewed the advertisement; and
  • Aggregated demographic data about users who viewed the advertisement.

This information will be disclosed in the aggregate only – for example, "physicians with a specialty of cardiology accounted for 30 percent of all e-mail alert recipients with this advertisement."


For details please send email to:

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

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