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Table of Content-Volume 3, Issue 2-2012 - June 2012


Estimation of Height (Stature) From Inferior Extremity Length and Foot Length in Children.

Swati Ramakant Pandhare, Anjali D. Patil, A. Kasote, M. M. Meshram

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Morphological Features of Human Mandible

V.K. Nirmale, U. W. Mane, S.B. Sukre, C.V. Diwan

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Histogenesis of Kidney in Human Fetuses

Sadiqali Abbasali Syed, Rajani Anil Joshi, N.G.Herekar

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Ethnomedicinal Plants Used by the Tribal�s in Cure of Wounds in Buldhana District (MS) INDIA

A. N. Korpenwar

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Dimensions of Cervical Spinal Canal and Vertebrae and Their Relevance in Clinical Practice

M. A. Kathole, R. A. Joshi, N. G. Herekar, S.S. Jadhav

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Role of Ultrasonic Bone Surgery Device (Piezosurgery�) in Harvesting Intraoral Autogenous Bone Graft � A Case Report

Pooja M Pharne, Dinesh Hingorani, Ulhas S.Mali, Smita Vitthal Patil

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